Wavy Tile Mural Bars



Wavy Tile Mural Bars are used to hang wavy tile murals on the wall. They have holes that match the holes in the wavy tiles to make hanging these custom photo murals easy and fun. You may choose to hang your Wavy Tile Mural in another way, but we strongly recommend the Wavy Tile Mural Bar. The bar is made of polished aluminum and presents a very clean and contemporary look that fits with most decor. These murals really show up well in loft spaces and modern homes and offices.

Wavy Tile Mural Bars come in 2 foot or 4 foot lengths based on the size of the mural being created and can be placed side by side to make even larger murals if necessary. The price listed is for a 2 foot bar, for every 2 feet required you must add another length to the order. If there are any questions please us the Contact Us tab to send us an email with your questions or concerns. We are always glad to answer any and all questions about any of the products we carry.