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Tile Murals are sold by the square foot, and come in ceramic, porcelain, tumbled stone and glass tiles. The sizes of the individual tiles depend on the overall size and shape of the mural. The location of where the mural will be placed will also help determine the type of tile and the sizes of the individual tiles as not all types of tile come in all sizes, to see what sizes the various types of tile come in look under there individual headings in the menu above.

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Tile Murals have been around for thousands of years and continue to make statements in homes, commercial buildings and in public spaces around the world. A custom tile mural can take an ordinary space and turn it into a fabulous work of art. Custom Tile Murals are not just for the ultra rich or monolithic public buildings anymore. using Sublimation Printing we can create one of a kind custom tile murals, back splashes and shower surrounds using your favorite image or custom graphic, and all for about $84 per square foot! You may day that is rather expensive, but when you realize that high quality tile costs around $12 to $24 per square foot, having a custom mural is really not that expensive.

Imagine a tile “rug” in your entryway that has a stunning image of Half Dome or Niagra Falls in it, or walking into you corporate offices and seeing the company logo in an 8 foot square in the foyer. Your custom kitchen isn’t really custom unless you have a back splash that no one else has, a border of grape leaves from a Tuscan vineyard surrounding an image of a bountiful table filled with fruits, wine and cheese. There are just too many possibilities to mention, your bar area with your favorite bands’ cover art behind it as a mural. Your favorite sports’ teams logo or mascot boldly displayed in a way to show your team spirit! Taking a shower with leaping Dolphins or a breaching whale every morning would really make waking up fun! This is where sublimation printing can really make a difference in your home, office or public space.

Custom Tile Murals installed on walls of public buildings and corporate offices add beauty and pride to all that see them. Putting color and texture onto a bare wall makes everyone smile and can really make a statement to those who visit. All tile murals are custom and require consultation between Intricate Photo Printing and the customer. Prior to placing your order please fill out the form under the Contact Us page and request a quote or call us at (248) 807-4049.

Tile murals using sublimated tiles install just like any other tile job, using the exact same tools and techniques. Whether the tiles are porcelain, ceramic, tumbled stone or glass they are put in place using standard mastic, thin set mortar or any other standard mortar. The only requirement is to use un-sanded grout between the tiles as sanded grout could scratch the finish during installation. This is not uncommon with many of the current tile products being used in construction today.