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Tile Mosaics have been in use since humans first invented the kiln and learned to make ceramics and glass. Historically artists would take broken pieces of tiles or glass and use those to create a picture in tile. these would be mortared to the floors or walls of elite homes or important public places like churches, synagogues, mosques, temples or public baths. In more modern times mosaics we used to adorn plazas and fountains, foyers and back splashes behind kitchen counters. At Intricate Photo Printing we can now make a mosaic from almost any image or graphic and have it ready to install in hours, instead of the weeks or months it took artisans as short a time ago as the 1900’s. Using Sublimation Printing on 1″ x 1″ , 2″ x 2″ or even 3″ x 3″ tile sheets we can print your custom image or graphic directly onto the tiles and using standard tile installation techniques you can have a perfect tile mosaic in no time. The cost of these gorgeous mosaics is $84.00 per square foot which is very inexpensive when compared to having them hand painted or having a tile artisan put one together the old fashioned way.

6 x 6 inch  sheets of 1 inch Tile Mosaics have (36) 1 inch square tiles, 12 x 12 inch sheets have (144) 1 inch square tiles.

6 x 6 inch sheets of 2 inch Tile Mosaics have (9) 2 inch square tiles, 12 x 12 inch sheets have (36) 2 inch square tiles.

6 x 6 inch sheets of 3 inch Tile Mosaics have (6) 3 inch square tiles, 12 x 12 inch sheets have (12) 3 inch square tiles

Our Tile Mosaics are ceramic tiles that come in both matte finish and gloss finish. These tiles are the same high quality tile as our ceramic photo tiles and produce the same stunning colors and qualities. The tiles come in both 12 inch by 12 inch squares and 6 inch by 6 inch squares and can be mixed and matched to produce the exact size mosaic required. These tiles can be cut and shaped just like any other ceramic tile using a standard tile cutter or wet saw.

Tile mosaics can be full images or simple graphics like patterns or shapes, if you have a digital image or graphic it can become a tile mosaic in hours. Installing these tile mosaics is no different than standard tile installations, using standard tools and techniques and typical mastic, thin set mortar or other standard mortar. It is recommended that un-sanded grout be used to avoid scratching the finish during installation.

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