Small Wood Plaques


Small Wood Plaques make great inexpensive gifts to brighten a mood, make conversation or just make a statement. Scroll through our list of sayings or come up with your own. Small wood plaques have a limit of 7 woods per plaques so we can make sure the words are legible and the plaques measure 4″ x 3 1/2″. There is no additional charge for custom sayings, however it does delay shipment by 48 hours.


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Small Wood Plaques measure 4″ x 3 1/2″ x 3/4″ thick. These plaques are cute, fun, witty and make wonderful inexpensive gifts. Small Wood Plaques have all sorts of sayings on them, some that are serious, some that are silly and some that make a statement. These plaques are small so we limit the saying to 7 words or less. They will sit on a table, desk or shelf without any need for support or they can be hung from the wall. We have put our collective brains together and come up with some sayings that seem to be popular, however we can put any text onto one of these plaques. Simply fill in the text box with what you want the plaque to say and we will custom engrave it into a wood plaque and ship it directly to you. There is no additional cost for custom plaques although they do delay shipping by 48 hours.

At Intricate Photo Printing we can create custom wood plaques in as little as 48 hours, all in stock plaques ship the same day as ordered. These plaques are made of solid yellow pine, stained in either black or dark cherry with the letters being natural wood in color. We also offer them in natural pine with scorched letters ( we use a torch to burn the areas that are engraved) giving a very rustic look, however these plaques are more labor intensive so they delay shipping by 24 hours. The edges of all of the plaques are hand etched to give the plaques a more rustic look and to frame the lettering so it stands out better.

Small Wood Plaques are light weight, virtually indestructible, child safe gifts that can brighten up a persons day, start conversations, create laughs and even set a mood. People place them on their desks at work, hang them in kitchens, dens and cottages and even use them as paper weights.

If your saying is more than 7 words it will need to be placed on a Large Wood Plaque, they are only slightly more expensive and measure 7 3/4″ x 3.5″ so they can accommodate longer sayings. Scroll down through the list of sayings we have come up with and see if your favorite saying is already on the list, or place a custom order and maybe your saying will be added to our favorites list too.

4″ x 3 1/5″ Plaque List

Beware of Dog Kisses,      Friends Are The Best Wine,       Friends Don’t Let Friends Drink Wine Alone,      Go Jump In The Lake,

Gone To The Cabin,         Cabin Fever, Gone To The Lake,        Gone Fishin’ ,         Gone Hunting,        We’re All Happy Campers,    Hell Yeah!,

Hug The Dog,            I Can’t Hear You,           I Love You,            Color Outside the Lines,             It’s OK To Wine,               Kitchen For Display Only,

Life Is Art,           Life Is Better At The Beach,           Life is Better At The Cabin,          Life is Better At The Lake,             Life Is Good,    Wine Me Up,

I Love You More Than Chocolate,              I Love You More Than Ice Cream,                 I Love My Cat, I Love My Dog,                    Seize The Day,

Cookies Make Everything Better,             Love You More,           Mouth Operates Faster Than Brain,      Happy Happy Happy,        Rock The Boat

Do Not Bother Me Until Mr. Coffee Has Spoken,           No Hurries No Worries,                  OCD Obsessive Chocolate Disorder,       On Beach Time,

On Cabin Time,          On Lake Time,           Peace Love Smores,         Feeling Down? Buy Cute Shoes,       Do What You Love,   Play With Cat,

Dogs Welcome People Tolerated,          Play With Dog,       Feel Better Eat Chocolate,    Feel Better Eat Ice Cream,         Life is a Blank Slate- Color It

3 1/2″ x 7 3/4″ Plaque List

There Are Four Seasons, Winter, Spring, Summer and FOOTBALL!    ,

We Interrupt This Marriage To bring You Football Season,

We Interrupt This Marriage To Bring You Hockey Season,

We Interrupt This Marriage To Bring You NASCAR

All You Need Is Love… And The Beach,    If at First You Don’t Succeed- Order Pizza,

I’ll try Being Nicer, If You Try Being Smarter

Its So Great To Find That Special Someone You Want To Annoy The Rest Of Your Life

We’re Adults, When Did That Happen And How Do We Make It Stop

I Work Hard So My Dog Can Have A Better Life

To Do List: Let Dog In, Let Dog Out, Let Dog In, Feed Dog, Let Dog Out

No Outfit Is Complete Without Cat Hair,   No Outfit Is Complete Without Dog Hair

Coffee Keeps Me Going Until Its Acceptable To Drink Wine




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