Large Triple Metal Print


Large Triple Metal Print or Triptik is a gorgeous abstract in yellows, blue and browns. Stunning depth of field and jaw dropping color on Chromaluxe Metal Panels. With  hidden frames to offset them from the wall. The center piece is 30 x 24 with the two side pieces 20 x 24.

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Large Triple Metal Print set of Prints of abstract yellows, Blues and Browns. This print is on Chromaluxe Gloss White Metal with stunning color and depth of image. When you stand next to this set of three prints you cannot help but want to touch it to see if there really is texture to the piece, but no it is just the HD effect of the Chromaluxe panel that is creating that HD Effect. This print is an original and no copies have been made. The value of this piece is in its spectacular depth of field, and the jaw dropping colors. This piece is currently on display at Art & Frame Station in Birmingham, MI and can be purchased either in the gallery or online here. Price is $3,000.00 USD and is a really good value at that price. the triptik has a center piece that is 30 x 24 and two side pieces that measure 20 x 24. They have hidden frames that enhance the 3D effect of the piece by holding them off of the wall. The center piece is slightly further off of the wall than the two side pieces again reinforcing the 3D effect.


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