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Porcelain Tiles make beautiful shower enclosures, back splashes and tile murals. We can print any image onto these tiles either as individual tiles or as a complete tile mural onto as many tiles as necessary to create the image you desire. Installation is exactly the same as any other tile install.


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We offer custom Porcelain tiles printed with any image you want. These tiles can be simple border pieces for a bathroom or a complete custom tile mural to decorate your sun room or pool area. Porcelain tiles are similar to ceramic tiles but harder, as a result they resist scratching and abrasion better than ceramic tiles; however they tend to crack easier than ceramic tiles. Our porcelain tiles tend to have some veining running through them as well which adds to the authentic look but makes them less suitable for simple photographic panels. Typically we see porcelain tiles used in bathrooms, shower enclosures and in murals that will be outdoors. Yes these tiles can be used in outdoor settings, preferably out of direct sunlight as much as possible. Although a mural using these tiles has been displayed at a minor league baseball park for many years and still looks beautiful today! Our porcelain tiles come in only two sizes 4 x 4 and 6 x 6 so they do not offer as much variety as the ceramic tiles, but the effects of incorporating these tiles into your project can still be stunning. The dye-sublimation process really makes creating truly custom tile jobs easy and fun. The image needs to be high resolution, measuring at least 300 DPI when enlarged to the size you want to print. This keeps the image from being fuzzy or losing the clarity wanted in a job such as this. This is similar to taking a photo with your smart phone and then taking that photo to a photo lab and trying to get a 24 x 36 poster made from it. You can get the print but it will most likely be not of the quality you desire. Installing our porcelain tiles is done exactly the same as any other tile install however un-sanded grout is required to keep from scratching the finish during install.

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