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Metal Prints Come in four (4) different finish choices. The first is called White Gloss this finish will have a gloss finish and any areas that are white in the original image will be white on the finished print. This is due to the fact that in sublimation printing there is no white dye so any white in the image comes from the base coat on the substrate. The majority of customers use one of the white finishes either the white gloss mentioned above or White Matte. White Matte finish also allows white in the image to appear white in the finished print but the print will have a matte or non-glare finish. The final two finishes are called Clear Gloss and Clear Matte and they are exactly as described, a clear finish on a metal substrate so any area of the image that is white will appear as bare metal in the finished print. Also, the entire print will have a metallic look to it.

To produce the best quality image the image should have a DPI of 300 when scaled to the print size. The substrates used in Sublimation printing occasionally have small imperfections in them; we inspect each substrate prior to printing and we attempt to place any imperfections in an area of the print as to be as inconspicuous as possible. However we cannot guarantee any print will have no imperfections as these imperfections are in the substrate itself and not a product of the printing process. We make every attempt to ensure total satisfaction with our prints however small imperfections are not uncommon and are not grounds for returns or refunds.


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Metal photo prints provide many advantages over standard photo paper prints, first they can be hung on the wall or displayed on a table or desk without a frame or glass. Also, they will not wrinkle or crease when handled and the design options are too numerous to mention. The colors and depth of images printed on metal using the dye sublimation method are simply superior to any other substrate/ink combination, period. Metal prints are beautiful, versatile, affordable and just plain cool! We use only the highest quality substrates from Chromaluxe, these are aluminum substrates that are either rotary cut or sheared to size prior to being printed.

Sublimation printing is a dye process instead of ink, that means the colors are more vibrant and much more permanent than ink. The dye is embedded in the coating that is baked onto the substrate which also helps to make the image much more durable than any photo paper or photos mounted on foam core or hardboard. Unlike photo paper or hardboard there is no acid in the metal substrate so it will not yellow over time. Look at any older photo, even one from as recent as ten years ago and you will find it has faded, more than you would have ever imagined and it has begun to yellow. The process that causes this is a chemical reaction between the paper/hardboard substrate and the UV light that is all around us. Most people think that as long as their photos aren’t in direct sunlight that they will not fade. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Think about this, the old photos you have stuck in a box in your closet have faded and are yellowing, there isn’t any sunlight in your closet (at least in most closets). UV light is all around us in small amounts, even florescent lights put off a small amount of UV light.

Next time you have a photo that you really want to have and enjoy for the rest of your life, have that photo printed using sublimation and you will not regret it!

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