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MDF Photo panels are a sturdy way to present photographs, artwork and company advertisements without the inherent issues with glass or Plexiglas. These panels mount flush to the wall and look beautiful and they provide a very clean, contemporary look at a very reasonable price.


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MDF Photo Panels are a really good way to display photos, graphic art or advertisements inexpensively and with jaw dropping color and quality. MDF or Multi Density Fiberboard is a very smooth composite substrate that is resistant to warping and cracking unlike typical wood. These panels are coated with the same coating as the metal prints so the color and depth of the images printed on them is just as vibrant and beautiful as the metal prints, with a lower cost. MDF panels are 5/8 inch thick and have black edges so they can be mounted on the wall flush, without a frame and look beautiful. The coating means they do not need glass and they can be cleaned with a wipe of a soft cloth. These panels are perfect for hospitals, nursing homes and offices where framed art can get bumped, banged or there is a concern over broken glass. The panels allow for very clean lines and a contemporary look.

MDF print panels also work perfectly for awards and as a way to display news articles, we simply need the graphics that are to be on the award, or a digital copy of the news article and we can print that onto an MDF panel that will look great and last for decades. Many customers say that having their artwork displayed without the need for glass or a frame really makes their space feel safer and less busy. The clean lines and contemporary look of the MDF photo panels can really enhance a room, hallway or office, and they are very affordable when compared to framed art, prints or photos.

MDF Photo Panels require images that print at 300 DPI at the scaled size. That means that the image must be a good high resolution photo, graphic art or vector art to produce the stunning visual effect everyone wants. If you have any questions as to whether your artwork/photo meets the 300 DPI threshold please feel free to email us by filling out the form under the Contact Us tab.

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