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Glow in the Dark Photo Tiles are a fun and interesting way to accent a room or as a unique way to display a photo. These tiles are coated with a special additive in addition to the standard coating of a ceramic photo tile which allows them to glow in the dark for up to 8 hours after being exposed to day light. The more light exposure during daylight hours the longer the tile will glow. These tiles work very well in children’s rooms, bathrooms and as a fun accent piece in a game room or bar area. Glow in the Dark Photo Tiles accept any image just like the regular ceramic photo tiles and the colors and depth of image are equally as impressive.

Glow in the Dark Photo Tiles have not been around very long so there is limited information as to how long they will retain their glowing properties. It is safe to assume they will last for quite some time, however we cannot guarantee any specific length of time. Also, as every situation is different we cannot guarantee any length of glow time per night, that is based strictly on the amount of light absorbed during the daylight hours.

Glow in the Dark Photo Tiles are installed just like any other ceramic tile, using standard equipment and mastic, thin set mortar or any other type of mortar. They can also be cut using a standard tile cutter or a wet saw. These tiles make really cool accent pieces in a child’s bedroom to act as auxiliary night lights to help them feel safe while they fall a sleep. Glow in the Dark Photo Tiles come in two sizes 4 x 4 and 6 x 6 inches and can be used to make a custom mural the same as regular ceramic photo tiles. Any image used to create a mural must be of high enough resolution to print at 300 DPI once scaled to the enlarged size. Think of it this way, if you take a photo with your smart phone and have it printed at a standard photo lab you will probably get a nice 5 x 7. However if you try to blow that same photo up to a 24 x 36 poster the image will be fuzzy and not look good. The same concept applies to sublimation printing. For questions about whether or not your image will enlarge well enough to make that custom mural, please send us an email by filling out the contact form found under the Contact Us tab.

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