Custom Wood Wedding Signs

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Custom Wood Wedding Signs are all unique and crafted using a CNC router and state of the art software, they are then hand finished, packed and shipped from our Holly, Michigan warehouse. These custom signs are 100% Made in Michigan, USA. Fill out the form on the Contact Us page to request a quote for a custom wood wedding sign.


Custom Wood Wedding Signs are a big part of our wood engraving business. We engrave signs for the bride and groom, the venue, the ceremony the reception and even the honeymoon occasionally. Our Custom Wood Wedding Signs are usually made of pine or cedar finished in any one of a dozen finishes from Black with natural cut letters, to natural with charred letters and many in between. Our signs are all cut using our state of the art software and CNC (computer numeric controlled) 3 axis router, basically it can cut in 3 directions at once and makes awesome wood signs! We  can engrave text, graphic art (no not nudes I mean graphics created by a graphics artist!), Photographs (yes I mean photos and yes we will do nudes but if you plan on having that at a wedding it might not go over too well) and even logos.

We always inspect each piece of wood, or in cases where we have to marry ( pun intended) two or more pieces together; the whole sign blank for damage, cracks or imperfections. Sometimes these imperfections actually enhance the sign but sometimes they are just not acceptable and we choose another piece. We can use clear wood (no knots ) or knotty wood (lots of knots) but no matter what the sign will be just the ticket to make the wedding perfect. However we do not guarantee the quality of the bride, groom or in-laws, that is all on you!

We like to have fun, have you caught on to that yet? So many of the signs we do are fun, silly or downright hilarious. We do not embarrass easily so if you have a sign that some might find inappropriate we will make it, what you do with it is your business, not ours. Most of our signs are much more tame and main-stream though, large wood signs with the bride and groom’s names, “Congratulations”, “Just married”, etc. Save the Date signs are becoming quite popular as well, in many different forms.

For a quote on a Custom Wood Wedding Sign please fill out the form on the Contact Us page and request a quote. include what you want on the sign, an approximate size and when you need the sign. Custom engraved signs can take a while to make depending on what you want on them,so please try to plan a little in advance. Signs with photographs can take days to cut, and can get fairly expensive, so please keep that in mind as well.