Printing Services

From metal photo prints to custom beverage coasters, there is something for everyone to love when it’s customized with your photo, graphic, logo, or text. Everything we print is on a non-traditional substrate such as aluminum, steel, MDF, all types of tile (ceramic, porcelain, glass, tumbled stone, and sandstone), and a whole range of gift items. We print custom cutting boards made of glass, custom gift boxes in 7 different styles and multiple finishes, and custom white boards (dry erase boards) that will last for years!

We have a vast knowledge of art. We have been in the custom framing business for years as well, so we understand color, and we can help with making your photo, graphic, logo, or artwork look as beautiful as you intended. That being said, we also know that the quality of any outcome is based in large part on the quality of the materials to start with. We control the substrates, dyes, machines and people in our facility and we guarantee that what we do is right or we will make it right. However if the original art, image, logo, graphic, etc. is not of sufficient quality we can only do so much with it. We will notify you if we feel you image is not up to the quality that will product the finished product you want, and we will offer solutions to that situation. Sometimes a little editing and t he image is ready to go, sometimes however there is just no way to use an image to get the results desired, it is also our job to be honest and tell you when it just isn’t going to work.

We prefer to be up front and tell you we cannot make something for you from a bad image, than to make the product and afterward tell you that the product is bad because of your image. That is in our opinion unethical and Intricate Photo Printing does not do business that way. So search our online store and let us know how we can take your image to the next level.

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