Wine Bottle Shaped Cutting Boards


Wine Bottle Shaped Cutting Boards make great gifts for the wine lover or chef in your life. Customized with any image, logo, graphic or text you want these wine bottle shaped glass cutting boards are perfect wedding, anniversary or retirement gifts.

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Wine Bottle Shaped Cutting Boards are great gift ideas for the wine lover in your life. They also make great gifts for anyone who has a love of fine cuisine or fancies themselves a chef or just a good cook. These Wine Bottle Shaped Cutting Boards measure 12.5″ x 4.5″ x .25″ thick and are made of non-tempered smooth glass. For the most part these are accent pieces that can be displayed at the bar, in the tasting room, wine cellar or in the kitchen. The smooth glass face makes using them as an actually cutting board a bit difficult but they will work in a pinch. As with all glass substrates in dye sublimation printing the image is printed on the back of the cutting board, meaning you look through the glass to see the image. The back side of the cutting board will appear white. As this glass is smooth the image quality is very good, but because you are looking through the glass there will be some small amount of distortion.

This cutting board has an unusual shape being long and narrow, some images will not look good being cropped to this size and shape. Please choose the image you want on this cutting board carefully to make sure it will provide the look you want. There is an abundance of software available that will allow you to re-size and or crop photos so you can see just what your image will look like when sized to fit this cutting board. We will send you a preview of your image prior to printing for your review, as it will appear on the cutting board. You must approve this preview before we will print your item.

To create the best quality product the image resolution for this Wine Bottle Shaped Cutting Board needs to be 300 DPI at an image size of 12.75″ x 4.75″.  If you are unsure of your image quality simply fill out the form under the Contact Us tab at the top and request a quality check of your image. We will send you an email with a link to upload your image so we can check it for resolution. If you decide not to have the image printed by Intricate Photo Printing we will remove it form our servers within 48 hours. Your privacy is our first priority.