Wavy Tile Murals


Wavy Tile Murals are metal photo prints cut into wavy shapes and printed as one large mural. Individual tile sizes are 6″ x 6″.

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Wavy Tile Murals are Metal Photo Prints cut into wavy shapes and printed as one large mural. Our software takes your image and places it onto a grid the size and shape of the mural you want. The software then calculates the areas that will fall between the tiles so that a high quality image is visible once the mural is put together and hung on the wall. These murals are really striking and generate a lot of interest, they are always conversation starters when someone new walks into a room with one of these murals hanging inside. The panels are the same high quality Chromaluxe metal photo panels as in our Metal Photo Prints section, only these are cut into interesting wavy shapes that seem to make the image move across the wall. Designers love these murals for their ability to really make a statement in a given space.

Wavy Tile Murals are held together using stainless steel D rings that are fitted into holes at the corners of the photo panels. The entire mural is held up, and on the wall by a polished aluminum bar that has holes placed to match the holes in the photo panels. The length of the bar and the number of Wavy Tile Photo Panels is dependent on the overall size of the mural being printed. Wavy Tile Photo Panels come in only one size, 6 x 6 inches which somewhat limits the sizes of murals available.

Image size and quality are very important in making a Wavy Tile Mural successful. We require a 300 DPI image at full mural size to generate the beautiful show piece that you want. If you have any questions as to if your image will scale up to mural size and keep its image quality please email us by filling out the form under the Contact Us tab.

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Weight 0.1 lbs
Dimensions 6 x 6 x .0625 in
Individual Wavy Metal Tile Size