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Slate Photo Plaques are real stone machined flat on the face to accept our sublimation printing. They make wonderful desk displays and also make any mantle look better! Customize with any image, logo, graphic or text to personalize these slate photo plaques for that special someone.


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Slate Photo Plaques are made of real stone and give a nice rustic look to your photos. They come in five different sizes, three rectangular and two square sizes. These Slate Photo Plaques are a great way to display your favorite vacation picture or an engagement picture that can sit on a desk or mantel with pride. The slate is 3/8″ thick and comes with plastic feet to make displaying the finished piece easy. These Slate Photo Plaques have the same coating as the other photo print substrates and a gloss finish. Images printed on Slate Photo Plaques have a soft look around the edges due to the way the slate is shaped where the photo panel meets the rough natural edge, this creates a nice feathered look that adds to the rustic feel of these pieces. We can apply any image, graphic, logo or text to these slate photo plaques and the colors are spectacular. The faces of these slate plaques are machined flat and a coating applied to create the ability to print on them, however the edges are natural so that no two slates are exactly the same. Also because the edges are natural the overall sizes vary slightly from one slate to another, this is common and cannot be avoided. These slate photo plaques are a dark gray color on the un-printed areas and vary in color from piece to piece as natural slate does.

Additionally as with all sublimation printing these substrates are not perfect and some small imperfections on the printed surface do occur. At Intricate Photo Printing we inspect each slate prior to pressing for imperfections, and strive to place any imperfections in an area of the image that is least noticeable. However we cannot guarantee that no imperfections will occur, and small imperfections, bumps or pits in the printed surface are not uncommon and not grounds for refund or replacement.

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