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Gift or Keepsake boxes have been around for hundreds of years, but until now customizing them has been challenging and expensive. With our gift boxes you can add any image, graphic or text you want to a Ceramic Photo Tile or Metal Photo Print and have that tile of print affixed to the lid of the box for a completely customized and unique gift. These keepsake boxes come in several finishes and sizes and allow you to be creative while remaining classy. Tiles sold separately.


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Gift Boxes from Intricate Photo Printing are beautifully finished boxes in Mahogany, Maple, Cherry and Espresso Finishes. These are real wood boxes that have an area of the lid to accept either a ceramic photo tile or a metal photo print depending on the size and style of box. The boxes make perfect heirloom gifts for weddings, birthdays, graduations and anniversaries. They range in size from 5 1/2 inches square to 7 1/4 inches square with several sizes in between. By adding the custom touch of a photo tile or custom graphic you can make these one of a kind keepsakes that will be cherished for years to come.

Using sublimation printing to personalize these boxes insures that the recipient will keep you in their thoughts while enjoying the craftsmanship that makes these boxes special. Some of the boxes are small and designed to hold a special gift or memory, others are larger and can be used as jewelry boxes or a place to keep cherished photos. The tiles or metal prints can be changed out if needed so these boxes can be used for more than one purpose over the years.

Using Gift Boxes with ceramic photo tiles (tiles sold separately) or metal photo prints means that the images of graphics on the tops of these boxes with have stunning color and clarity. Text can be added to the images as well to make the box even more personal and custom. Examples of just how beautiful these boxes can be are shown in the gallery of images above.

There is one box, and only one at this time, the 6 x 8 inch Mahogany Keepsake Box, that has a two sided metal photo print on it. With this box you can put an image on either side of the box, for example  a beautiful photo on the outside and a touching saying on the inside. At this time this one box style is the only one with this feature, however that may change over time so please check back often as these products are being updated all the time.

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