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Fun Wedding Signs can be anything you want, we have some standards we do over and over, but we can personalize any sign you want. These signs are made from 12 inch by 5 1/2 inch pine and usually have two boards connected with twine or ribbon with any text or logo you want engraved directly into wood. Have fun, we will make the signs you want for your special day to keep things upbeat and movin’ along. They are very reasonable, (have you seen the price of an average wedding these days! Yikes!) and the cool part is you can keep them around for years as a conversation piece! We call that a Win, Win.


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Fun Wedding Signs are just as they sound, some fun wood engraved signs that we have found people like to use at weddings and receptions. These signs are made of pine, stained or torched and engraved using our CNC router. These fun wedding signs are used by brides and grooms to make the celebration more festive and less formal. Usually we find these signs used at rustic weddings, barn weddings and outdoor weddings but sometimes people use them in a more formal setting with a whitewash finish for that shabby chic look.

Intricate Photo Printing has a few standard signs in its catalog that are listed below, but we can engrave any text onto one of these signs that you want. We also do the more traditional signs for the back of the bride and groom’s chairs, such as I’m His and I’m Her’s or Dude and Dudette, or even Cowboy and Cowgirl.

Other fun signs are made to hang on tailgates of trucks that say Just Hitched, or Party’s Over Life Begins. All of our signs are 100% pine unless another species is requested ( to request a different species of wood please fill out the form on the contact us page for a quote). The signs come in standard sizes.

Other Fun Wedding Signs are made from wider boards, all pine, and come in several finishes. Choose from the list of signs below or come up with your own (we will probably steal your idea for future signs, just an FYI) but either way have fun and we will create signage for your wedding that keeps it real and not so stuffy and formal. I mean the bridesmaids will still probably have to wear some god awful taffeta dress and the groomsmen will look like overstuffed penguins so at least they should get some enjoyment out of this thing, right?

List of Fun Wedding Signs (comma indicates next text on another board)

Just, Hitched (with cowboy boots )

Party’s Over, Life Begins

I’m His, I’m Hers

Dude, Dudette

Cowboy, Cowgirl

Save, The, Date

Just Married, Boat For Sale





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Fun Wedding Sign

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