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There are several ways to display your metal prints. Small prints can be placed on easels or on our custom wood bases. Larger prints can be hung on the wall with simple hangers, with backers to separate them from the wall, in floater frames and using our hidden frames. Stand-off systems and custom framing are also options for displaying your gorgeous new metal prints!



Display Options for Metal Prints vary from simple hangers mounted directly onto the back of the metal print to custom frames. We offer many ways to display your gorgeous new metal print.

  • We can apply a simple plastic hanger that uses adhesive to bond directly to the back of the print and is hung on the wall using a single nail (or two nails if the print is larger than 11 x 14). A clean no frame look is created. This is also the best choice if you plan to frame this print at some point as the thin plastic hanger will not interfere with the framing. These are no charge. ($0)
  • We can apply black foam core backing to the print to give it a small separation from the wall, approximately 1/4″, this allows the print to sit more level with the wall than the simple plastic hanger and many people prefer this look. If you plan to frame the print use the plastic hanger as it will not interfere with the framing process. These are also no charge ($0)
  • Another option is to apply an MDF backer behind the print, this spaces the print off of the wall approximately 5/8 of an inch and give the print a more 3 dimensional look, but still provides that clean no frame look many desire. These are $14.50 each.
  • Stand-offs – which are stainless steel or aluminum posts that are bolted to the print using holes we punch in the corners make a very contemporary statement and also provide security from theft as it is much more difficult to remove these systems, but not difficult to install them. These are $34.50 per set of 4.
  • Intricate Photo Printing offers an industry exclusive hidden frame that allows the metal print to be moved even further away from the wall while still maintaining the clean no frame look so sought after by many designers and enthusiasts. These are $55 for the 1 inch thick and $72 for the 2 inch thick but really make the art pop.
  • Floater Frames are typically used on oil paintings but work beautifully on metal prints as well The space between the frame and the print can be as large as 1  inch or as small as 1/8 inch, also the print can be sunk into the frame as much as 1 inch or be flush with the face of the frame or anywhere in between. These are priced based on the size of the print and charged at $15 per linear foot. request a quote for a floater frame by filling out the form on the  Contact Us page and we will get you a quote as soon as possible or call us at (248) 807-4049 for an immediate quote.
  • Smaller metal prints can be placed on easels or in our custom wood bases, our wood bases are all made of Red Oak and come in finishes of Black, Walnut, Dark Oak, Black Cherry and Honey Oak. Wood Bases are for prints up to 8 x 10 and cost from $15.50 to $19.50 each.
  • A second Metal Print can also be placed behind the photo print to act as a mat board would on a paper print, a kind of border around the photo print. Usually we space the two prints apart using a 1/4″ foam core that gives a nice 3-D look to the piece. These are priced as if they were another metal print, if you want an 11 x 14 metal mat behind your 8 x 10 photo then the cost of that mat is the cost of an 11 x 14 metal print $27 for example. To order a Metal Mat please send us a request for quote by filling out the form on the Contact Us page or by calling us at (248) 807-4049.

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