Directional Wedding Signs


Directional Wedding Signs make fun and functional additions to any wedding or event. Use you imagination and creativity to put together a custom direction sign pole that will be a huge hit. These signs are just plain fun and they are inexpensive, have you seen the average price of a wedding these day? Yikes! Choose from our list of standard signs or come up with your own, we do not discriminate and are not easily (or ever) offended so if you want it on a sign we will engrave it! Remember these sign blanks are 16 inches long and 2 1/2 inches wide so they only accept 1 line of text with about 20 letters maximum. If you need more letters or words consider using 2 signs together or fill out the contact us form and we will help you get the sign you want.


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Directional Wedding Signs are a fun way to direct guests to the correct location while keeping the mood light and setting a comfortable atmosphere.

Directional signs are made of 16″ x 2 1/2″ x 3/4″  pine with 1 1/2″ tall letters and come in three finishes that we recommend mixing finishes on a pole to make it more interesting. We usually top the pole with a sign with the name of the Bride and Groom at the top (see pictures). The poles themselves are made of 1 1/2″ square pine by 6 feet tall with a base that allows them to stand without needing to be driven into the ground (we do recommend putting some weight on the base to keep it from getting knocked over).  Some customers want the sign to be visible from the front and back, to do that we create two separate signs with the arrow in opposite directions and then the signs get mounted back to back (see pictures).

Another favorite Directional Wedding Sign is a pole with signs showing the various cities and states that the guests have come from and how far they have traveled, or to indicate where the honeymooners will be headed. Everyone has seen these types of poles when at tourist spots, the poles that tell you you are 4,785 miles from Honolulu or whatever. We make these poles using our standard directional sign blanks and our standard pole so that the signs can point in one of 4 directions. We will calculate the distances for you, all we need are the wedding venue location and the cities, towns or townships where the guests are from.

Whether its a ceremony/reception directional sign or a “where is waldo” sign your event will be enhanced with one of these signs. We have been told that our directional signs are included in more photographs at those weddings than any other display or prop. That is just how cool and fun they really are.

List of Directional Signs (arrows for these can go either way)

Ceremony >

Booty Shaking >

Cocktails >

Bonfire >

After Party >

Bloody Marys and Aspirin >

Grub and Suds >

Chow Line >

Boot Scootin’ >

Watering Hole >

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