Custom Wood Engraved Signs

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Custom Wood Engraved Signs can be used in homes, bars, restaurants, man caves and anywhere signage or advertising are needed. Wood signs are sturdy, solid and make a statement. Our Custom Wood Engraved Signs are all unique, crafted using our state of the art software and CNC router and then hand finished, packed and shipped from our Holly, Michigan warehouse. These signs are all 100% Made in Michigan, USA.


Custom Wood Engraved Signs are made using our state of the art software and 3 axis CNC (Computer Numeric Control) router. That is a wood router that can move in 3 directions at the same time and it makes really cool signs! We can engrave text, graphic art, photographs and logos using multiple cutters to achieve the perfect finished sign. Our Custom Wood Engraved Signs are made primarily of Pine, Cedar, Poplar or Oak and can be finished in over a dozen different finishes. They range from Black with natural wood engraved areas to natural wood finish on the body of the sign and the engraving being charred with a torch and many other choices. Our router can accommodate blanks up to 24″ x 60″ but we can piece together much larger signs if needed; again using our software and our knowledge of wood working. All of the engraving is done using the CNC router but the finishes are all applied by hand and the finished product is then packed and shipped from our Holly, Michigan warehouse. Our Custom Wood Engraved Signs are 100% Made in Michigan, USA.

Other species of wood may be requested and are available based on market availability. We have access to several mills and multiple lumber suppliers and can usually accommodate most requests for particular species of wood. However we cannot guarantee that a particular species will be available at any given time, that is strictly based on the market at large. When we engrave from a photo or graphic art we will inspect the image to see if it will generate the requested detail and image quality once engraved and communicate with you the results of that inspection. Our sole goal is to make you happy with your Custom Wood Engraved Sign and as a result we will be honest, brutally so in fact, as to whether your image will work or not. It does us no good to cut an image that will create a poor engraving, instead we will just let you know why the image will not work and let you decide how you want to proceed. Your satisfaction is paramount to our business.

To receive a quote on a Custom Wood Engraved Sign please fill out the form on the Contact Us page and request a quote. Please provide what you want on the sign, approximate size, and the look you are trying to achieve and we will respond with a quote as soon as possible. Thank you for your interest in our Custom Wood Engraved Signs.