Cheese Cutting Boards


Cheese Cutting Boards have a shape that allows them to be easily carried form one place to another for easy serving. Made of non-tempered glass they have a textured surface and have rubber feet attached to the back so they won’t damage your counter surfaces. Images printed onto these cutting boards are printed on the back side so you view the image through the glass. This means that with the textured surface the image is not a sharp as a Metal photo Print but the image quality is very good and they make great gifts. They are especially well received by tail-gaiters when the home teams logo or mascot is printed onto them, also by wine lovers as a way to show off their favorite complimentary cheese and crackers.

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Cheese Cutting Boards are non-tempered glass cutting boards are sturdy and make great gifts. They measure 7.5″ x 14.25″ and come with a 12 inch strap. As with all glass sublimation products the image is printed on the back side so you look through the glass to so the image. From the back the cutting board is white, and has rubber feet attached so that it will not damage your counter surface. The cutting surface of this cutting board is textured so the image will not be a clear as if it was printed on a Metal Photo Print but the quality of the image is very good. These Cheese Cutting Boards are made of glass so careful handling is required to avoid breakage. The Cheese Cutting Boards are NOT dishwasher safe and need to be washed with warm soapy water and a soft cloth.

Cheese Cutting Boards can be hung by the strap to keep them handy when needed or as accent art pieces in your kitchen, bar area or serving area. They also make nice accessories for tail-gating as they can be customized with your favorite team, player or driver! Make a statement or be the most loved gift giver by the chef in your family! They also make great wedding gifts that will be kept and not returned.

This cutting board has an unusual shape being long and narrow, some images will not look good being cropped to this size and shape. Please choose the image you want on this cutting board carefully to make sure it will provide the look you want. There is an abundance of software available that will allow you to re-size and or crop photos so you can see just what your image will look like when sized to fit this cutting board. We will send you a preview of your image prior to printing for your review, as it will appear on the cutting board. You must approve this preview before we will print your item.

Images being printed on these Cheese Cutting Boards need to be at a resolution of 300 DPI at the image size of 8″ x 15″ to guarantee a high quality finished product. If you have questions as to whether your image is of high enough resolution please fill out the form on the Contact Us page and request an image quality check. We will respond with an email that has a link to upload your image so we can check the resolution quality. If you decide not to have your image printed by Intricate Photo Printing we will delete the image from our servers within 48 hours. Your privacy is our first priority.