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Sublimation printed ceramic tiles make gorgeous tile murals, custom back splashes and interesting accents to any tile job. They also make beautiful displays for photos and artwork. These can be framed like a normal picture or displayed using a stand, easel or simply laid flat on an end table or coffee table and used as a beautiful coaster.


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Ceramic photo tiles are used in all sorts of interior and exterior designs including floors , shower enclosures, back splashes in kitchens, as accent pieces and in murals and mosaics. Now imagine being able to put any image you want onto that back splash in your kitchen, or as a mural in your shower or over your tub! It is possible and its not as expensive as you might think. All of our ceramic tiles are priced at $84 per square foot, which for custom printed ceramic tiles is a very good price. We can print any image onto ceramic tile as a single tile or a complete tile mural and the color is permanent. The same intense color and incredible image clarity available on our metal prints is now also available on ceramic tile in both gloss and matte finishes.

There are several tile sizes to choose from and we can even mix and match different size tiles for an even more interesting look. The tiles are installed just like any other tile project, although un-sanded grout is required to keep from scratching the tile during installation. These tiles can also be used as coasters (with cork backing), as individual photo displays with easels to prop them up or as inserts in some of our custom keepsake boxes.

Ceramic photo tiles are installed just like any other tile job using standard equipment and mastic, thin set or any other mortar. These tiles can also be cut just like any other ceramic tile using a standard tile cutter or a wet saw. The only exception is that use of un-sanded grout is strongly recommended to avoid scratching the finish during installation.

Any image being used to create a mural or mosaic must be of a high enough resolution to measure 300 DPI (this is a printing term) when the image is enlarged to the finished size. Think of it this way, if you have a photo on your smart phone and take that image to a photo lab you can print a 5 x 7 easily but if you want to blow up that photo to a 24 x 36 inch poster it may be fuzzy and not look good at all. The same issues apply to sublimation printing so the image has to be of a high enough quality to be able to be scaled up to the mural size. Any question about image quality and/or the ability to enlarge your image to a specific size can be answered by contacting us using the contact form under the Contact Us tab.

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