Coasters can be customized with your logo, photo, saying, graphics or any other digital image. Unlike those cheap printed coasters using ink, dye-sub coasters do not fade, will not be damaged by water and will last for years. The same color and depth of image is captured on these high quality coasters as is found on our metal photo prints. Our coasters come in several styles and substrates including ceramic, tumbled stone, Masonite (hardboard), and Sandstone. The coasters make great gift ideas for family reunions,wedding guests, birthdays, anniversaries, and corporate events. All coasters come with a cork back so they will not damage tables or counters and also so they won’t slip or slide around on wet surfaces. Coasters are sold individually or in sets of 4 or 8. Images can be all the same or each coaster in a set can have its own image, this can make for fun placeholders at events such as weddings or corporate dinners. Images for coasters need to have a resolution quality of 300 DPI at 4.5″ x 4.5″ to produce the best quality finished product.

Masonite (hardboard) coasters have a gloss finish that really makes the colors pop, the image quality is extremely good
Ceramic coasters have a satin or matte finish and have a look and feel of real quality, the image quality is extremely good
Tumbled Stone coasters have an aged matte finish, they look worn and weathered but give a very rustic, authentic look. The image quality is very good but muted and the stone has pits and voids in it to add to the aged look. these are intentional and not grounds for return or refund.
Sandstone coasters have a soft finish that tends to make colors more pastel than the original image, the image quality is good but muted and bright colors will end up transformed into soft shades, for example a bright orange will come out as a softer almost peach color so having a single sample made is recommended before ordering large quantities.
Coasters made by Intricate Photo Printing are each individually inspected to ensure the highest quality. Some imperfections in the substrates can be present and we always strive to place any imperfections in the least obvious location on the image, however small imperfections are not grounds for returns or refunds.

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