Welcome to the Home page of Intricate Photo Printing, Where Science Meets Art!

Intricate Photo Printing is a dye sublimation and CNC engraving company. We print your graphics, photos, artwork or vector art onto any one of dozens of substrates such as metal, tile, glass, MDF, Masonite and many more. We can also make custom signs, custom white boards (those are dry erase boards here in Michigan), and a whole bunch of gift items. All of which can be 100% customized with your name, logo, saying, photo, graphic, you name it! We also own a custom framing company, so if you need that perfect photo framed after having it printed on a stunning sublimation substrate like one of our Chromaluxe metal photo panels, we can make that happen as well.

Sublimation printing is a process where dye is applied using a special printer to paper that has a patented coating on it. Once the dye has been printed onto the paper, the paper is sandwiched with a substrate that has a special coating on it as well. There are literally hundreds of different substrates that can be used but the most common are aluminum, steel, ceramic tile, porcelain tile, tumbled stone tile, glass tiles, fabric, canvas, MDF and Masonite. This process can be used to customize almost any product provided it has the proper coating on it. The sandwich of dye printed paper and substrate is then placed into a heat press that applies 400 degree heat and pressure to transform the dye into a gas. That gas is absorbed by the coating on the substrate, when the heat and pressure are removed the gas transforms back into a solid and the dye is now trapped in the coating on the substrate. This process is called sublimation in the science community, thus the name sublimation printing.

Sublimation printing produces such incredible color and depth of image because it uses dyes and not ink. Dyes are actually tiny grains of solid particles that hold much more color than liquid inks do. The resulting images are brighter, more vivid and because the dye is inside the coating the images are much more durable. A T-shirt with a dye-sub printed graphic will out last a screen printed graphic by at least 10 times, but it costs more than a screen print, thus you get what you pay for.

Intricate Photo Printing specializes in printing on metal, tile and hardboard, we have had great success with our process and have produced some of the most stunning photographic artwork around. Once you have had a photo printed using our process you will not want to go back to photo paper, that is a fact.

Intricate Photo Printing also takes photos and graphics and uses them to make really special gift items such as Keepsake Boxes, Custom Wine Boxes, Coasters, Hot Pads, Dry Erase Boards, Magnet Boards and much more. At this time we do not work with fabrics but we are beginning to do test runs of shirts, hoodies and canvases so please check back often as once we have the process down we will offer those items as well!

Thank you for visiting our site, we hope you spend some time browsing all of the different ways we can make your photos and graphics into something special and we look forward to working with you to make those images into works of art!

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